Eid Jummah Mubaraq

Hello everyone it’s been a minute over here .Life for the past months have been stressing me out, hitting me from all angles and directions but hey! Alhamdulillah I pulled through all the drama. How was your Ramadan ?? Mine was intense and too short for me .May Allah accept our humble supplications and answer […]

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// Stop Second -Guessing //

Yaaay … Happy new month everyone *smiles*. Finally I get to post this after procrastinating for soo many times. Procrastination is truly the thief of time.It never make you get things than.You keep telling yourself tomorrow and when tomorrow comes you tell yourself tomorrow again. This month is the month you stop all the procrastinations […]

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The Bell Pants

Currently watching |LORD OF THE RINGS|. Had to watch it again because I watch it when I was really young and have totally forgotten the story Can you believe me if I told you this look was unplanned and I had no idea I was going to be wearing this bell pants which I’ve always […]

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3 Different Work Looks: LOOK 1

Hello everyone, Welcome back to my page.Currently just tired of January….can this month just end already. It’s yet another week and I pray it’s as fruitful as last week was for me.All I’m hoping for is a less stressful week yet a more productive one. This week I decided to style three different working looks […]

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STAY TRUE “baby girl”

Hand crafts pot bags :fromlamisi In this current world where everything revolts around social media it can be really crazy and addictive.Everyone is trying so hard to impress the media to the extent of loosing their true selves. It has created this unnecessary competition between people who don't even know anything about each other. People […]

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