Hi guys,
I know the week is almost half way gone and I hope it’s not too late to wish you all a great week.This is my first post . I have been soo skeptical about starting a blog that I just decided to stop the procrastination and close all doors to my
fear of not posting the perfect pictures .

To start with ,most of my outfits are thrift.I love thrift clothes because they are soo cheap and unique.Hahahahahahha ……..not to sound selfish but I actually like the fact I that when it comes to thrift you can’t see another person wearing exactly the same
outfit #smiling#.
I am going to try to keep things as simple as possible.

Nobody gets tired of denim and vintage never goes out of style.
The mystery behind this bag… grandmother just called me one day and said “I know you like odd things and only you can style it … I have something for you come for it ”
I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw it

BAG ; thrift (from granny)
DENIM DRESS;thrift (2gh)
FRINGE EARRINGS; handmade by meeeee
SHIRT:thrift (tu) 10gh
Glass; thrift

My head wrap is actually a denim shirt inspired by mss.dee
Sneakers (thrift) ;20gh
Palazzo pants :thrift (2gh)

Initially I planned to style with this scarf which is also thrift (1gh)
But anyways there is always a next time.

I believe style or fashion isn’t all about expensive dresses ,shoes or bags.
You can style a very cheap outfit to look sleek and chic.

Kindly leave a comment below be it negative or positive. I will gladly appreciate it .
Photography: My Kid brother


10 thoughts on “Vintage,Denim

  1. All thrift and amazing!!!! I think I finally found my twin sis. The way I love thrift shopping is something else. I just find it difficult to buy something very expensive when I can get something better and unique for small change.

    Lovely outfit, nicely put together and welcome to blogosphere.

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