STAY TRUE “baby girl”

Hand crafts pot bags :fromlamisi

In this current world where everything revolts around social media it can be really crazy and addictive.
Everyone is trying so hard to impress the media to the extent of loosing their true selves. It has created this unnecessary competition between people who don't even know anything about each other.
People try to keep up with other peoples lifestyles even if they have to pretend to be who they are not.
One thing we should all keep in mind is that we can never be the same just like all fingers are not equal.

I'm wearing :Bag ( fromlamisi)
Denim Jeans ((thrift))
Shirts (thrift)
Sneakers (thrift )
Scarfs ( @_reigansklooset_:-: on IG )

Four tips on how to be your TRUE SELF ;


Patience is one of the greatest virtues in life. You need to give everything you want in life time. As you pray for that job you want be patient, is it that beautiful car or house you want be patient, is it a good husband you want be patient .
Try as much as possible not to take short cuts in life. Good things come to those who wait.

  • BE GRATEFUL : As humans we can't stop wanting more . It's like been addicted to drugs you , you always want more and more.But when you start to thank Allah for everything you have and be grateful for it you see your life differently. Always have it at the back of your mind that someone some where don't have what you have and someone else too have more than you do. That is the balance of life. Love the little things you have and make the most out of them and be happy with it .
  • APPRECIATION: Learn to cherish and love what you have. Stop looking elsewhere and work very hard for what you want. Everyone like nice things and will want to have them but you don't have to pretend to have them when in actual fact you don't. This can even decrease your blessings. Appreciate what you have and be thankful for it.

  • STAY IN YOUR LANE "baby girl": Allah blesses us differently and His timing is always right.Just like there's time to sleep and time to wake up , your time to make it or shine in life will come. You will definitely get that nice house, car,relationship,family, money you are working hard for. Everything will fall in place at the end. Cut your coat according to your size don't try to look big to impress people it doesn't give you the self satisfactory.Do your own thing and stop the unnecessary comparison.

My beautiful crafted pot bags are hand -made from Upper East , Bolga.
You can get anyone of these at ( @fromlamisi :-: on IG ) or contact them on this number 📞📞 0209536447

Word of the day : Anything worth having is worth waiting for.


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