3 Different Work Looks: LOOK 1

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to my page.Currently just tired of January….can this month just end already.

It’s yet another week and I pray it’s as fruitful as last week was for me.All I’m hoping for is a less stressful week yet a more productive one.

This week I decided to style three different working looks that will be just easy going for the work place.

The first look is very simple yet chic.

What I’m wearing:

blouse and scarf :::from reigansklooset on IG



Belt- thrift

Shoes- thrift

Skinny pants:thrift

Some people find it difficult styling a long loose blouse especially if you are the type that like your clothes a little tight.

If you are the type that is shy about your thighs just like me ,then girrrll you should add long blouses to your wardrobe .

I decided to put on a belt to avoid the top from being everywhere. And matches it up with a black skinny jeans and a pair of heels (that is if your work place doesn’t involve a lot of movement) . And not forgetting my little side bag.

You can also ought for a bigger bag if you have a lot of files and your laptop .

You can also wear flat shoes if your work place is really busy and you move around a lot .

Walk into your work place like you own it but with a big smile on your face when you meet your boss on the way to your desk.

Until my next post on Wednesday have a wonderful week.

I hope you love this look and let me know if you would love to try it out.


Love, undercover.

Which do you prefer,heels or flats??


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