3 Different Work Looks : LOOK 2

Hello everyone, good morning and welcome to my page once again. If this is the first time you are visiting my page, on Monday I said I would be posting three different working looks and here is the second look. So you can kindly look the first look up too.

The week is almost over , but it feels a little slow to me even though I love what has happened to my life so far this week.

Sometimes you have to let loose and go with the flow. Remember :”We plan but Allah is the best of planners.” And He’s doing wonderful things to my life this week.

This whole look was unplanned simply because I didn’t get the chance to look into the mirror before wearing it for this shoot ,so I kept on asking my photographer (@_reigansklooset_ on IG ) how I looked .But it turns out great I think.

For a cooperate look , this three piece set is what you are looking for.

Honestly I’ve been sitting with my phone for the past 1 hour thinking of what to write about this look but my brain is just shut.

So today I’m just gona post these pictures and just be going. ‘Lol’

Currently listening to “make me cry -Noah Cyrus.

I’m wearing:Three piece set:_reigansklooset_ on IG

Sunglasses -sunnies_by_t on IG


Tassel earrings-handmade by me


Wear this in confidence and go conquer the world. Hey, but don’t wear these glasses to work.’lol’

Do you sometimes just want to post pictures on your blog and not do the writing stuff??

Kindly let me know what you think of this look.



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