3 Different Work Looks: Final look.

Hello guys,

Do you ever just feel like you have dress up soo well and have a shoot and expect your pictures to come up real good but they turn out bad. “Still crying ” .My last shoot did not come out as expected.But Since I promised you guys Three Work Looks I have to fulfill my promise.

I’m soo sorry for the delay of posting the last look. I was literally frustrated and just didn’t want to post this look.

That’s just by the way. Hope everyone had a fruitful week just like I did.

Back to the matter ::

Bodycon dresses and skirts are trending for a while now and they are here to stay. They come in different sizes and colors.

I decided to match my skirt with a white blouse because it will bring out the pop of the color of the skirt.One thing I like about bodycon skirts are it doesn’t matter your size or sharp of your body ,they fit perfectly well.

But the other reason I don’t like about them is , they are not easy to move around in ,especially if you have a busy day.

I decided to match my skirt with the same color as my veil and a white blouse to help bring out the pop of the color of the skirt.

This is one easy look to style for work.

Get your bodycon skirt and blouse from (@_reigansklooset_ ) and you are good to go.

Wear this to work in confidence if your work place is not busy and you spend most of your time sitting in front of your computer.

Don’t worry about my shoes , that’s what happens when you shoot with your phone.And my photographer was soo focused on my dresses that she forgot my shoes.

I’m wearing:

Veil,Bodycon skirt and blouse -@_reigansklooset_ (IG handle)

Shoes -gifted

Bag – thrift

Shades -thrift

Thank you for visiting my page once again.

Kindly leave your comments or suggestions.

Word for the week: Don’t allow little minds tell you what to do. You owe yourself every bit of happiness, so do you and don’t try to please everyone.

Do you prefer tight fitting dresses or loose outfits??


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