The Bell Pants

Currently watching |LORD OF THE RINGS|.

Had to watch it again because I watch it when I was really young and have totally forgotten the story

Can you believe me if I told you this look was unplanned and I had no idea I was going to be wearing this bell pants which I’ve always wished to have since they just started trending in 2014 .Low and behold (@_reigans_ check them out on IG) made my dream come to pass.

The bell pants was part of their (_@reigans_ ) collection this month and as their brand ambassador + stylists +model I got to wear it for the interview we had with Joy News Tv . Joy news cast our behind the scenes ,which involved how the reigans team all come together (make up artist , photographers ,models,stylist and CEOs) to work in other to bring out the best of products for people and how we are promoting hijab fashion.

Still on the bell pants, it was time for me to get interviewed to talk about how I put together the outfits and style the models for the photoshoot and I was so nervous and confused that I didn’t even know what to wear. I kept on picking different dresses to try on but yet couldn’t find what to wear.

Low and behold the CEO of reigans just picked these pants up and went like you are written all over this pants ,try it on. Voila!!! It just fit perfectly and I couldn’t stop admiring myself.

The bell pants were the the talk of in the late 70’s and started trending again in 2014. The pants give your legs length,especially when matched with a great pair of heels.

This can also be worn with a nicely white blouse with a pair of white heels.

I would have matched this with a very colorful mini bag if this whole look was really planned very well.

Im wearing:

Shoes ; Gifted

Bell bottom pants and scarf; @_reigans_ (IG).

Blouse and earrings ; thrift.

Glasses ; road side vendor.

How will you style these bell pants ?? Kindly let me know in the comment section.



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